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 [A-850] Suzuka Warrior Pack (Toyota AE-86 + 69 Nissan Fairlady)

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PostSubject: [A-850] Suzuka Warrior Pack (Toyota AE-86 + 69 Nissan Fairlady)   Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:46 pm

A-850 Suzuka Pack Toyota AE-86 (Spd) + 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z (Grip)

I would like to welcome one and all to the latest chapter in the 787 Tuning catalog. Releasing this Saturday May 31st 2008 is what we would like to call the Vintage Suzuka Warriors.

We first set out on making some retro cars and then we found a perfect match. For the handling car we picked the 1969 Fairlady Z with a R32 drivetrain under it making it a very hard carver in the corners. We even went one better and made it look Vintage with the BRE paint scheme that made Datsun history. This car was designed for mainly short tracks and it is perfect for Suzuka East where it is a Top 100 car. Which is very good for a vintage ride. It is very smooth to drive and will get you to the front of the pack.

Current Best time Suzuka East: ***NOTE*** These were recorded at time of original release!!

#103 Bickel 48.226

The next car is a shocker to all of us. We wanted a car that could do go at Suzuka West and also call into the old school theme. Guess what we found. If you put a Speed tune under the small little Toyota Sprinter (AE86)that it was able to get you into the Top 100. So we set some times with this little beast and it shocked us all. You know the best part is that it is not your normal missle because it is so light it corners and stops well plus it hooks up good coming off the turns.

Amazing car to say the least because you can blow right past those big block cars with alittle 4 banger and an 80's economy hatchback. Talk about good times. Then we come to the paint. It is amazing. Thanks to our new team member JDM with his Orgin Lab replica. This car has great times in the Top 100 on both Suzuka Full and West Version's.

Current Best Time on Suzuka: ***NOTE*** These were recorded at time of original release!!

#75 Bickel 2:01.485

Current Best Time on Suzuka West:

#98 Bickel 1:15.122

Search Details:

Make: Nissan
Model: 1969 Fairlady Z
Design: Yes
Price: 500K

Make: Toyota
Model: Sprinter Trueno
Design: Yes
Price: 500K

**Please place your order in the ORDER THREAD... not here please**
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[A-850] Suzuka Warrior Pack (Toyota AE-86 + 69 Nissan Fairlady)
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