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 [A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack)

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[A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack) Empty
PostSubject: [A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack)   [A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack) EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 2:13 am

A-850 Nissan Silva S-15 (Speed Tune + Grip Tune)

[A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack) ForzaS15speed

[A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack) ForzaS15photobannor

[A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack) ForzaS15grip

[A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack) ForzaS15photobannor1

787 Tuning is making a come back into the TM with some of the sickest S15's you have set your eyes on. We have always set our standards on making non-leaderboard cars into leaderboard cars but this time we made a twist. We wanted to make some cars that were some of the easiest to drive out there for those average drivers. How many times have you bought a missle car to find it is just to crazy for you to drive. Well we went hard to work to make sure both our cars were smooth as silk to drive.

Basically these cars were never meant to be leaderboard cars but we have proof that they can be driven fast over a long period of time and put down amazing times. These cars just kill everything in the lobbies and that was the purpose of them being built. We can promise you that you will be amazed with how easy and fun these cars are to drive not to say how sweet they look.

Lets start with the purple Speed Tuned one A.K.A. Purple Reign was painted by the legend Pansy himself and it stops traffic dead in its tracks. The tune on it is very fast but still can handle well for being a "missle". You can even drive it without TCS if you like that type of thing.

Then comes the white Grip Tuned one A.K.A. Satin was painted by Bickel and it is more of the mild one out of the two. It is clean and classy while its brother is wild and crazy. The tune is very good for medium tracks and will surprise alot of people that it is that soild. Very easy to drive fast for lots of laps.

In closing these cars are some of the best lobby cars to come out of 787 in a long time. They will go on sale tonight (Saturday October 11th) for 500k. We have amazing times for you to look at and don't forget to enter one of the most exciting contest we have ever came up with. Thank you for your support and enjoy from 787 Tuning.

A huge thank you to MNKpro for the amazing ads and photos.

Exhibition Times ***NOTE*** These were recorded at time of original release!!


2:52.123 on Silverstone National rank #61
3:21.729 on Sebring International Raceway Club rank #175
3:56.099 on Suzuka West rank #33
5:29.548 on Road Atlanta rank #38 and #83
5:57.179 on Sunset Infield rank #28 and #85


4:21.919 on Laguna Seca rank #44
5:58.249 on Maple Valley rank #61 and #235
9:23.990 on Silverstone GP rank #56 and #242

Search Details:

Make: Nissan
Model: Silvia S-15
Design: Yes
Price: 500K

**Please place your order in the ORDER THREAD... not here please**
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[A-850] Nissan Silva S-15 (Silvia Sisters Pack)
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