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 [A-850] Troy Lee Designs Mitsubishi GSX

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PostSubject: [A-850] Troy Lee Designs Mitsubishi GSX   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:48 pm

Eclipse GSX (Grip Tune)

This new GSX has been developed and tuned to perfection in house and has been tearing it up on a variety of tracks. The goal with this car was to tune a car that was capable of performing on a number of tracks and take wins in numerous lobbies online. Also while in the tuning process we found that our GSX is extremely stable and has a slightly higher top speed than most grip cars. That will give you an edge on tracks like Maple Valley or even down the straight at Mugello. But in the process of testing, times like these were run.....

Times: ***NOTE*** These were recorded at time of original release!!

Maple Valley- 1:26.86 (The Man ie 1)
Silverstone Grand prix- 1:50.78 (The Man ie 1), 1:49.912 (Bickel) PB
Motegi East- 1.22.087 Top 200 (Fredda Berg)

(All of those times were set in a lobby of 5 laps per race)

Paint Scheme- When I went to Fletch almost a month ago to paint this GSX, I had found this amazing helmet painted by Troy Lee Designs that I completely fell in love with. But of course not being a Motocross racer or having a spare 400$ he painted this incredibly GSX taking design cues from the helmet.

Search Details:

Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Eclipse GSX
Design: Yes
Price: 500K

Limited Edition (Not for sale)

**Please place your order in the ORDER THREAD... not here please**
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[A-850] Troy Lee Designs Mitsubishi GSX
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