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 [A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody)

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[A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody) Empty
PostSubject: [A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody)   [A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody) EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 8:49 pm

07 Fairlady Z (Grip Tune)

[A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody) Forza07Z

[A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody) Forza07Z2

[A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody) Forza07Z1

[A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody) Forza07Z3

Welcome to this week's release from 787 Tuning. Well as you might have noticed
the last 2 weeks were filled with all out HP and we thought for a change we would
release a great lobby GRIP car.

So this week we are releasing the 07 Fairlady Z onto the masses. It is very different
from all other Z's because most people tune the 03 Z because you can do an AWD
swap and bingo easy handling.

Well we wanted to use the new version and prove that RWD can still be just as fun
to drive. We based this tune around a great all round performer and still under
400 HP for those lobbies that run that rule.

As for the paint we thought that we would make something alittle different as in
the Blu Ray Disc paint scheme as well as a very classy widebody kit to fit the
07's already sexy curves.

So this is week 3 of or Fairwell to Forza 2 tour so why not say fairwell with a
Fairlady Z sitting in your garage. Details are as follows...

Sales Dates: Sunday June 28th through July 5th

Search Details:

Make: Nissan
Model: Nissan 350Z 07
Design: Yes
Price: 500K

**Please place your order in the ORDER THREAD... not here please**
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[A-850] Blu-Ray 07 Fairlady Z (Widebody)
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