787 is a cutting edge tuning garage within the Forza Motorsports series
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 [F.A.Q.'s About 787 and Our Products]

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PostSubject: [F.A.Q.'s About 787 and Our Products]   Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:19 am

Did you ever have a question about your favorite 787 Tuning car and you just didn't know the answer. Well now you have a place to ask us that question. Be it as simple as "Dude that car is sweet" or maybe you have a problem with the car you bought from us and would like to know why it was sold like that. Well ask away here and we will answer your question. After all we take pride in our cars and never would want somebody not to be enjoying our cars.

Thank you,

Team 787
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[F.A.Q.'s About 787 and Our Products]
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