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 Reduce the Time, Effort, and Cost to Validate Your Software

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PostSubject: Reduce the Time, Effort, and Cost to Validate Your Software   Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:52 pm

More Reliable Embedded Software Testing
Reduce the Time, Effort, and Cost to Validate Your Software
For safety critical industries like avionics, medical devices, automotive, industrial control and railway, rigorous testing is more than just good software development practice. It is a critical part of the software certification process. Traditionally, embedded software testing is a tedious and labor-intensive process. VectorCAST automates the tasks associated with unit, integration, and system testing of C, C++ and Ada applications resulting in measurable reductions in cost, and measurable improvements in quality.
Benefits of VectorCAST Testing Automation

* Best Practices - built-in support for a variety of testing paradigms from waterfall, to agile methods (Test Driven Development)
* Embedded Expertise - partnerships with embedded tool vendors, and in-house expertise result in seamless and elegant embedded tool chain integrations
* Customer Success - experience with hundreds of embedded projects means mutual success, and mature feature-rich products.
* Technical Support - experience the difference of talking to our knowledgeable engineers, all of whom are embedded developers.

Minimize Risk - Evaluate your options

* We Welcome Comparison to Other Tools - When viewing product literature, or simplistic demos, many tools seem similar. Use our product-independent evaluation white paper to help choose the best tool available.

c unit testing
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Reduce the Time, Effort, and Cost to Validate Your Software
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