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 [A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack

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[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack Empty
PostSubject: [A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack   [A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack EmptySat Oct 03, 2009 9:09 pm

Porsche Cayman (Grip Tune) Street

[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack Forzacaymanstreet1

[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack Forzacaymanstreet

[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack Forzacaymanstreet2

Porsche Cayman (Speed Tune) Track

[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack ForzaCaymantrack

[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack ForzaCaymantrack1

[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack Forzacaymantrack2

Welcome one and all to another 787 release. This one has been a long time in the making
as they have been sitting around for some time. I came up with the idea for the paint but
the Cayman S script was out of my skill range so I was lucky enough to have AB paint it
for me and it came out perfect. It takes about 500 layers!!!!

As for the tunes. Well the street version is a full grip tune that is still RWD and very easy
to drive without TCS. It handles very nicely and the back end is stuck to the ground even
through the hardest turns. As for the track version it is a great medium to long track car
with its AWD set up. It is roughly 450 HP and has some amazing handling to go with
that power. It does move around alittle bit but because of the AWD it is easy to control.

Now for the release details. I was not happy with the free tune result of our last release
so we are going back to the original plan of selling both these cars for 1 WEEK starting
this Thursday the 17th and going till the following Thursday the 24th.
After that it will not be sold again.

So with out further a due we would like to show you our pride and joy from 787 Tuning.

Times: ***NOTE*** These were recorded at time of original release!!

Laguna Seca 1:24.238
Suzuka East 0:48.385
Tsukuba 0:53.921

Motegi 1:54.776 (PB)
Suzuka 2:01.622
Sebring 2:02.418

Search Details

A class
Porsche Cayman
Design: Yes
Cost: 500K each

**Please place your order in the ORDER THREAD... not here please**
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[A-850] Porsche Cayman Twin Pack
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