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This past weekend we had brunch at El Camino Community Tavern in the Highlands. This restaurant is bright and colorful with antique beer can chandeliers and bright pictures of Harleys, bikes and old movie stars. The restaurant is in the old Swim Club 32 location on 32nd and Lowell.

We had quite a few friends join us throughout the day and I was able to sample many dishes. I would have to say my favorite dishes were the Chili Rellenos and the Ceviche. The chili rellenos were prepared with pablano peppers stuffed with Monterey jack cheese and then smothered with red and green chili. This dish was so good! The ceviche has a heavy tomato base and is made with shrimp, onion, avocado, peppers and lime juice. It’s a little saucier than the ceviche I’ve had at other places, but tasty all the same.

The enchiladas come with a mushroom jalapeno salsa that is very interesting. It’s basically mushrooms puréed with jalapeno. You really have to be a fan of mushrooms (which I am) because you can definitely taste the mushroom. The shrimp tacos are really fresh with peppers, cheese, avocados and cilantro. The smugglers burrito is huge! El Camino makes their chorizo and soyrizo (soy chorizo) on site. It’s got a hint of sweetness that I cannot peg but the flavor is interesting.

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Mississauga Real Estate
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