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 [A-850] Mazda Roaster A.K.A The Rotary Rocket

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PostSubject: [A-850] Mazda Roaster A.K.A The Rotary Rocket   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:50 pm

A-850 Mazda Roadster (Speed Tune)

WOOOOW!! Thats the first thing you will say once you take this bad boy for a spin. I takes off like a rocket and screams up the RPM like an angry hornet. Such a good car to battle against the normal speed tuned cars.

The best part about this beast is that it is so light weight that it corners and brakes with the best of them. It sure is easy to throw around and control. Just look at the times that were managed in this little car that CAN!!

TIMES: ***NOTE*** These times were recorded at time of release

Sebring: ---> 2.00.310 #26

Sebring Club: --->1.02.186 #27

Silverstone Gran Prix: ----->1.49.799 #90

Silverstone National: ---->53.898 # 36

Suzuka: ------> 2.00.292 # 22

Suzuka West: -----> 1.14.585 #41

Motegi West: ------>35.432 #26

Search Details:

Make: Mazda
Model: Mazda Roadster
Design: Yes
Price: 500K

Limited Edition (Not for Sale)

**Please place your order in the ORDER THREAD... not here please**
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[A-850] Mazda Roaster A.K.A The Rotary Rocket
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